Vote for the Keneti Cluster!
Earn in-game Rewards!

You can vote on all 3 sites for 3x the reward!


Note: Can vote every 24 Hours
Requires disabling AdBlockers, uses Steam Login to pass your details to the server for rewards.
Doesn't require an account.

Top Ark Servers

Our Main Focus
Note: Can vote every 12 Hours
Requires a 15 second wait, Requires an Account with verified steam profile link to get rewards.

Tracky Servers

Note: Can vote every 24 Hours
Uses Steam Login to pass your details to the server for rewards.
Doesn't require an account.

Why Vote?

Voting for Keneti earns you rewards, however, it helps us reach more players that are looking for a new server to join. Getting new players is certainly a good thing as the more players there are then the better your experience will be, more trading, more help, more raiding and more of whatever you like to do in a multiplayer server xD

What rewards do you get?

You will receive a random amount of Glory Coin between 50-75 and you will also receive Chat Shop 300 points per vote.

You can then spend Glory Coin on the Auction House & Markets and the Points on the Chat Shop for things such as Care Packages.


Voting on these sites is usually straightforward, you load the page by clicking one of the servers at the top of the page.

Log into the site if required and find the "Vote" or "Steam Vote" button, sign in with steam if asked and then you should see a success / confirmation message that you have voted.

If after you have logged into steam and you have not been returned to the vote site, start the process a second time and you should be successful the second time.

How do you claim rewards?

After you have voted, in game run..

In Game Chat Command: /claim

If the rewards are not rewarded immediately, just give it 5 minutes or so as the Vote Sites may be experiencing a busy period.