Keneti Cluster
Rates & Information

This cluster is designed around a more relaxed, faster pace than ARK Official servers. We bring a collection of mods and rates that balance well for a unique play experience.

Official ARK servers can take chunks of time out of your life and accomplish little, but here on Keneti we have made significant changes to the rates to enable all players from advanced dedicated players to the more casual gamer to be able to enjoy the game at a pace that suits you.

Unlike Official servers, and most other Unofficial servers, we have a functioning in-game Economy powered by the Capitalism Series & Auction House mods, these combined give the power of trade. With Trade & Commerce at the focal point of the cluster, you can be sure that the grindings of the game are diminished more than ever allowing people to have the fun they are looking for.

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Player vs Player vs Environment (PvPvE)

Basic Server Rates

Official Servers vs Keneti Servers


Ores & Minerals x

Element Veins (Extinction) x

Element Dust (Extinction) x

Element Ore (Aberration & Crystal Isle)x


Knockout Tame x

Passive Tame x

Max Wild Creature Level Lvl

Max Wild TEK Creature Level Lvl

Max Drake/Wyvern Egg Level Lvl


Baby Maturation Speed x

Egg Hatch Speed x

Mating Interval %

Imprint Stat Boost (@100%) %

Player Stats & XP:

Killing XP x

Harvesting XP x

Crafting XP x

Idle XP x

Stamina, Food, Water Per Level

Weight Per Level

Fortitude Per Level


Structure Resistance x

Turret Damage %

Ark Data hrs

Beacon Quality Average +% †

Boss Element:

Gamma Level Bosses Up to:  †

Beta Level Bosses Up to:  †

Alpha Level Bosses Up to:  †

Boss Element: More Details

8 Players Per Tribe

With medium sized tribes the cluster can enjoy the balance of power shared out among more tribes, helping prevent super duper uber tribes that dominate the cluster.

3 Alliances Per Tribe

With only 3 alliances per tribe, you can become friends with other tribes but not too many. This avoids creating a cluster where every tribe are allies, that would be silly.

5 Tribes Per Alliance

5 tribes per alliance, and 3 alliances per tribe means you can be allies with up to 15 other tribes, but not all of those 15 tribes will be allied to each other, managing alliances will be interesting and political.

7 Days Offline Raid Protection

One fo the Mods we use is Offline Guard System, when you place this structure, your base will be protected for 7 days until you log back in again. Protection starts 10 minutes after you disconnect. After 7 days of inactivity, the OGS structure auto decays.

Crafting Engrams

Engram Features

The Cluster uses the Mod 'Unlock Engrams' This can be crafted in your inventory and consumed like food, once consumed, all your engrams will be unlocked up to your current player level. You can use this consumable at any time, each level up is recommended.

  • All Engrams Unlockable without points.
  • Tekgrams Unlockable without boss fights. (Unlock Engrams Mod Item)
  • Various higher tier, problematic & OP structures have had their crafting cost increased. Mostly TEK tier items that lead to people becoming to OP to fast.

Known Issues

Having all your engrams unlocked can cause a Buffer Overflow : Exception error when transferring maps.
Remedy for this is a Mindwipe Tonic before transfer.

Removed Engrams

Some engrams have been disabled for server stability and game play balance in our PVP environment.

  • S+ Repair Gun (bypasses PVP repair timers)
  • S+ Personal Teleporter (allows players to circumvent PVP situations)
  • S+ Tek Forcefield Wall (causes map crash issues)
  • S+ Tek Forcefield Wall Large (causes map crash issues)
  • S+ Tek Forcefield Wall XL (causes map crash issues)
  • S+ Tek Buggy (can be used as a bullet sponge for turrets)
  • S+ Converter (can duplicate items)

Please Note: Some values marked with listed on this page are estimates, due to the way ARK works, some values may be up to 20% +/-