Server Crash Stacks

Servers sometimes crash and due to the cluster having a variety of mods, this can become an issue if Wildcard sometimes pushes new updates that breaks mods that we use.

This page contains the recent crash reports for our cluster so we can make them available to people that need this information.

Having this information serialized on the website also allows us to indicate to users if a server has crashed.

Keep Calm and Carry On...

These logs are available only for your viewing pleasure or dismay. Keep in mind that servers restart automatically (if due to some fatal error, a server crashes.. then) usually immediately. If they do not start immediately then at the top of each hour they will attempt to update and then force a start.

On rare occasion, servers can get stuck in a crash-restart loop where the server will crash indefinitely until the issue causing the crash is resolved. If it looks like this is the case for one of the servers, you can contact an Admin on discord and as soon as is possible, an Admin will address the issue.

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Nothing Found.

There have been no recent crashes to report on the cluster. Everything is in the Green! YAY!