Server Crash Stacks

Servers sometimes crash and due to the cluster having a variety of mods, this can become an issue if Wildcard sometimes pushes new updates that breaks mods that we use.

This page contains the recent crash reports for our cluster so we can make them available to people that need this information.

Having this information serialized on the website also allows us to indicate to users if a server has crashed.

Keep Calm and Carry On...

These logs are available only for your viewing pleasure or dismay. Keep in mind that servers restart automatically (if due to some fatal error, a server crashes.. then) usually immediately. If they do not start immediately then at the top of each hour they will attempt to update and then force a start.

On rare occasion, servers can get stuck in a crash-restart loop where the server will crash indefinitely until the issue causing the crash is resolved. If it looks like this is the case for one of the servers, you can contact an Admin on discord and as soon as is possible, an Admin will address the issue.

Server Current Time: 2020/09/08 15:44:57

Temporarily Disabled

Auction House Mod

While we are trying to solve some issues (and so we can run some tests) this mod has been disabled. We hope that it shouldn't be long before we are able to see if this mod is conflicting with another mod on the cluster or if a recent ARK update is causing issues. Stay tuned.

Status of this issue.

This issue was first noticed just after ARK Update v312.52. The server seems to go into a Hang/Frozen state sometimes when a player attempts to claim a dino from the auction house. The cause could well be the ark update, however after looking on the relevant pages for Auction House, there are no reports by others that use this mod on their servers, so that could mean a mod conflict with another mod that we use, that other server do not.

This could also be completely unrelated to Auction House, so the best way to determine this is to disable the mod for some time and see what happens with the server, if it continues to have the issue, then we will continue to diagnose until we narrow down the issue.

The issue that is showing in most crash reports: FHangThreadWatcher::HangeDetected(). This issue is being investigated, however this issue is not easily diagnosed and may take some time to narrow it down. Patience would be appreciated from all people effected by this.

Your Auctions

As Auction House has a rather long grace period for claiming won auctions or expired listings, we expect there to be minimal impact for players. Players should not lose anything while this is being looked into unless they have already been inactive for a couple of weeks.

Your Auction House Placed Structures

These will unfortunately be removed, however, they are very low cost and can easily be replaced. Content left inside Mail Boxes will be also be removed.
It's unfortunate but ultimately necessary.

Disabled Since 2020/31/07 06:00:00 - 1 week ago

Nothing Found.

There have been no recent crashes to report on the cluster. Everything is in the Green! YAY!