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We have combined our PvP and PvE clusters in a limited manner, creating a single cluster that is as balanced as possible.

ARK: PvP Cluster : You can play on the PvP cluster, waging wars and making allies just as you would on any regular PvP cluster. You have the freedom to transfer from one PvP map to another, bringing along all your items and dinos. However, when you desire a more relaxed experience, you can enjoy everything ARK has to offer on the PvE cluster. The only caveat is that you cannot take your items and tames with you to PvE. Nevertheless, you can take your Survivor Character to PvE, retaining all your levels and character progress.

ARK: PvE Cluster : You can play on the PvE cluster, constructing epic bases and battling bosses in all the familiar ways, just like any regular old PvE cluster—with one exception. Because of the way ARK servers work and the configuration available, we have disabled item and dino downloads in the transfer terminal on PvE maps. This restriction also applies to PvE-to-PvE transfers. So, when you take your character from one PvE map to another PvE map, you won't be able to bring any Items or Dinos with you. This aligns well with the game's Lore and keeps the PvP cluster fair and competitive.

Unlike the PvP-to-PvE transfer restrictions, PvE-to-PvP transfers are allowed, so you can take your resources and bred tames to PvP. Once you upload them to a transfer terminal on PvE though, they can only be downloaded on PvP. So, be extra sure that you want them in the fight.

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Server Uptime:

Our servers are hosted on custom built hardware using the latest in NVMe SSD technology which means faster loading times when updating or restarting so you can connect faster, our network provider is the best available with Fiber-optic cable offering high speed connections.

As we have a selection of mods managed by many authors, sometimes things can go wrong and cause unexpected outages. The server admin works tirelessly to bring things up to date and keep things running smoothly on a daily basis.

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PvP - Valguero%

PvP - Genesis%

PvP - Gen2%

PvP - LostIsland%

PvP - Fjordur%

PvE - TheIsland%

PvE - ScorchedEarth%

PvE - Aberration%

PvE - Extinction%

PvE - Genesis%

PvE - Gen2%

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Please feel free to join in conversations on discord, gain tribe members and find alliances. You are the master of your ARK universe, but you shouldn't have to do it alone :)

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The community is entirely free to play and we rely entirely on the support of the community to help with running costs and other expenses. We are always looking for people to support the server as we are entirely a non-profit server, all of the proceeds go into the server’s upkeep (electric bill and internet bill), advertising or to buy equipment for the server hardware to be better managed.

You could even ear-mark funds to buy the Admin a nice mug of Coffee! :)

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