Keneti Cluster
Boss Element - Drop Rates

One of the largest issues with other adjusted rate unofficial servers is the lack of Element from bosses to match up to those rates. Here on Keneti we have adjusted every drop rate for each boss to reflect the minimum required Element you will need to begin your TEK tier adventure.

Boss fights are the most used and tried tested method of obtaining Element, there are however more ways on our cluster to obtain Element. The second most popular way (and the most effective) is to build and operate an "Element Farm" using an Element Catalyzer from the Structures Plus Mod. Element can also be found looting certain drops and other known methods such as crafting Element from Element Dust.

Element drops from Bosses on Official is a fixed amount and not very high. Here on Keneti we have varying amounts with a decent start range with higher multipliers the more difficult the Boss.

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Element Drop Rates

Official Servers vs Keneti Servers

Broodmother Lysrix:

The Island, The Center

Gamma Level 10 20 >

Beta Level 28 56 >

Alpha Level 74 148 >


The Island, The Center, Valguero

Gamma Level 20 50 >

Beta Level 55 138 >

Alpha Level 110 275 >


Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, The Center, Valguero

Gamma Level 25 50 >

Beta Level 90 180 >

Alpha Level 190 380 >


The Island, Ragnarok, Valguero

Gamma Level 40 100 >

Beta Level 110 275 >

Alpha Level 220 550 >

Wyvern Queen:

Crystal Isle

Gamma Level 40 100 >

Beta Level 110 275 >

Alpha Level 220 550 >



Gamma Level 100 100 >

Beta Level 250 275 >

Alpha Level 500 740 >

Dinopithecus King:

Lost Island

Gamma Level 80 90 >

Beta Level 220 248 >

Alpha Level 440 667 >

Please Note: All values listed on this page are estimates, due to the way ARK works, some values may be up to 20% +/-

Source: Element - Official ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki